Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Suborder Mygalomorphae

These are generally larger spiders, including trapdoor spiders and tarantulas. Trapdoor spiders are so called because they build burrows with a trapdoor. They are relatively large and robust spider, hence sometimes mistaken as tarantulas. Tarantulas are the largest spiders in the world. They are hairy and some are so large that they can attack small birds or rodents.

Purse-web Spiders (Family Atypidae)

Calommata sundaica

Curtain-web Spiders (Family Hexathelidae)

Macrothele maculata

Tube Trapdoor Spiders (Family Nemesiidae)

Damarchus workmani

Brushed Trapdoor Spiders (Family Barychelidae)

ldioctis littoralis
Monodontium bukittimah
Rhianodes atratus
Sipalolasma aedificatrix

Tarantulas (Family Theraphosidae)

Coremiocnemis valida
Haplopelma robustum
Lampropelma violaceopes
Singapore Tarantula Phlogiellus inermis
Selenocosmiaja vanensis

Rhianodes atratus

This species is widely distributed in Southeast Asia and seems able to exist in once-disturbed habitats (e.g. Choa Chu Kang Park). It can also be found at Bukit Timah, where care must be taken to separate it from the newly discovered Monodontium bukittimah (Raven 2008).

Bukit Batok Nature Park ©Tan KH

Singapore Tarantula (Phlogiellus inermis)

This is not a large tarantula. The male is black, whereas female and immature are brown.

Male at Woodlands, Female at Bukit Batok Nature Park ©Tan KH

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