Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Comb-footed Spiders

Family Theridiidae

This is a family of spiders in the superfamily Araneoidea. One of the genus in this family is Argyrodes (Dewdrop Spiders). Most Argyrodes spiders live kleptoparasitically in the web of other spiders. They are called kleptoparasites because they feed on the host's food. They are small in size (usually several mm). The Red Silver Spider (Argyrodes flavescens) is most commonly encountered as they live in the web of Golden Web Spiders and can be identified by the triangular abdomen with silvery spots.

Rolled-leaf Comb-footed Spider Achaearanea mundulum
Achaearanea triangula
Anelosimus kohi
Silver Comb-footed Spider Argyrodes argentatus
Argyrodes fasciatus
Split-faced Silver Spider Argyrodes fissifrons
Whip Spider Argyrodes flagellum
Red Silver Spider Argyrodes flavescens
Argyrodes miniaceus
Argyrodes xiphias
Golden Comb-footed Spider Chrysso sp.
Coleosoma blandum
Dipoena martinae
Episinus mucronatus
Episinus pictus
Episinus rhomboidalis
Molione triacantha
Moneta mirabilis
Theridion aureomaculatum
Theridion aureum
Theridion deltaforme
Theridion labeculosum
Theridion inquinatum
Theridion pinastri
Theridion t-notatum
Theridion tubicola
Theridion weberi

Argyrodes sp. at Dairy Farm ©Steven Chong

Red Silver Spider (Argyrodes flavescens) at Central Catchment ©Eddy Lee

Female Batik Golden Web Spider (Nephila antipodiana) with its tiny mate and large Nephila meal. The red triangular spider on the outer edge of the web is Argyrodes flavescens. Botanic Gardens ©Tan KH

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