Sunday, October 14, 2012


Order Lepidoptera

This order includes both moths and butterflies. These are insects with two pairs of large colourful wings. However, not all of them are colourful. The wings are covered with scales. They go through three main stages of life - larval (caterpillar), pupal and adult. Butterflies are generally more colourful than moths. They are generally daytime insects, whereas moths are generally nocturnal. Butterflies generally have club-shaped antennae, while moths generally have feathered antennae.

©Tan GC. Mattar Road ©Lau SY

Moth at Bukit Panjang ©Eddy Lee

Caterpillars at Rifle Range ©Eddy Lee

Caterpillars: Mandai. Bukit Batok ©Eddy Lee

Hawk Moth (Family Sphingidae)

Daphnis hypothous hypothous ©Tan GC. Hawk Moth caterpillar ©Eddy Lee

Geometer Moth (Family Geometridae)

Neo Tiew Lane 2 ©Lau SY. Cross-line Wave Moth (Traminda aventiari) at Admiralty Park ©Tan KH

Geometer moth caterpillar ©Eddy Lee

Owlet Moth (Family Noctuidae)

Spirama retorta (left) and Erebus ephesperis at Chestnut Area ©Eddy Lee

Chalciope mygdon at Neo Tiew Lane 2. Henderson Industrial Park ©Lau SY

Tussock Moth (Family Lymantriidae)

Caterpillars: ©Eddy Lee. ©Lau SY

Swallowtail Moths (Family Uraniidae)

Swallowtail Moth (Lyssa zampa) at Woodlands ©Tan KH

Swallowtail Moth (Lyssa zampa) at Neo Tiew Lane 2 ©Lau SY

Day-flying Moths (Family Arctiidae)

Day-flying Moth (Amata huebneri): Sengkang ©Tan KH. Chinese Garden ©Eddy Lee

Day-flying Moth (Amata huebneri) ©Eddy Lee

Metalmark Moths (Family Choreutidae)

Saptha beryllitis ©Eddy Lee

Plume Moths (Family Pterophoridae)

Jurong Eco Garden ©Eddy Lee

Saturnid Moths (Family Saturniidae)

Atlas Moth (Attacus atlas) caterpillar and pupa ©Tan KH

Atlas Moth ©Eddy Lee. Atlas Moth caterpillar at Mandai Orchid Garden ©Lau SY


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