Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wolf, Nursery Web, Lynx, Psechrid, Wandering Spiders

Superfamily Lycosoidea

This superfamily contains the wolf spiders, nursery web spiders, lynx spiders, psechrid spiders and wandering spiders.

Wolf Spiders (Family Lycosidae)

Lawn Wolf Spider Hippasa holmerae
Hogna stictopyga
Pond Wolf Spider Pardosa pseudoannulata
Pardosa rabulana
White-dotted Wolf Spider Venonia coruscans

Nursery Web Spiders (Family Pisauridae)

Dendrolycosa robusta
Four-spotted Nursery Web Spider Eurychoera quadrimaculata
Flexible-legged Spider Hygropoda prognatha
Single-striped Grass Spider Perenethis unifasciata
Brown Grass Spider Polyboea vulpina
Singapore Fishing Spider Thalassius albocinctus

Lynx Spiders (Family Oxyopidae)

Oxyopes auratus
Burmese Lynx Spider Oxyopes birmanicus
Oxyopes hotingchiehi
Oxyopes javanus
Oxyopes lineatipes
Oxyopes macilentus
Oxyopes quadridentatus
Oxyopes sikkimensis
Tapponia austera

Family Psechridae

Fecenia ochracea
Psechrus argentatus
Singapore Psechrus Psechrus singaporensis
Psechrus torvus

Wandering Spiders (Family Ctenidae)

Acantheis longiventris
White-striped Wandering Spider Anahita fauna
Ctenus corniger

Wolf Spiders (Family Lycosidae)

Wolf Spiders are characterised by a top row of 2 medium-sized eyes, a middle row of 2 large eyes and a bottom row of 4 small eyes. They have good eyesight and sense of touch. They carry their egg sacs in a "white ball" under their abdomen and after hatching, the young ones piggyback on the parent.

Female with egg sac: Neo Tiew Lane 2 ©Lau SY. Upper Peirce ©Eddy Lee

Pond Wolf Spider (Pardosa pseudoannulata) at Chestnut Area ©Eddy Lee

Nursery Web Spiders (Family Pisauridae)

They look like wolf spiders, but have same-sized eyes and carry their egg sacs in their jaws and padipalps.

Brown Grass Spider (Polyboea vulpina) ©Eddy Lee

Lynx Spider (Family Oxyopidae)

Lynx Spiders are characterised by six of the eyes forming a hexagon, a large head, a long thin abdomen and spiny legs.

Upper Peirce ©Eddy Lee

Lynx Spider eating Long-horned Grasshopper and spinning web at Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Burmese Lynx Spider (Oxyopes birmanicus) at Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Burmese Lynx Spider (Oxyopes birmanicus). Left: ©Eddy Lee. Lower Peirce ©Melvin Dionio

Wandering Spiders (Family Ctenidae)

Wandering Spiders are so called because they wander on ground instead of in webs.

Rifle Range ©Eddy Lee

Ctenus floweri or one of its close relative at Central Catchment ©Ben Lee

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