Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Haplogyne Spiders


The suborder Araneomorphae contains two subgroups, namely Haplogynae and Entelegynae. Female haplogyne spiders lack hardened genital plates, while entelegyne spiders have them. Haplogynae includes daddy-long-legs and others. The term daddy-long-leg has been used for some other arachnids and some insects as well. These spiders are so called because they have long thin legs and a small body.

Spitting Spiders (Family Scytodidae)

Brown Spitting Spider Scytodes fusca
Scytodes longipes
Pale Spitting Spider Scytodes pallida
Scytodes venusta

Long-legged Cave Spiders (Family Telemidae)

Jocquella sp.

Midget Ground Weavers (Family Ochyroceratidae)

Althepus sp.

Daddy-long-legs (Family Pholcidae)

Artema atlanta
Tailed Daddy-long-leg Crossopriza lyoni
Pholcus gracillimus
Round-bodied Daddy-long-leg Physocyclus globosus
Pale Daddy-long-leg Smeringopus pallidus
Spermophora sp.
Leaf-dwelling Daddy-long-leg Uthina atrigularis
Uthina luzonica

Armoured Spiders (Family Tetrablemmidae)

Brignoliella michaeli
Paculla sp.
Singaporemma singulare

Goblin Spiders (Family Oonopidae)

Gamasomorpha camelina
Gamasomorpha lalana
Ischnothyreus flagellichelis
Opopaea punctata
Xyphinus hystrix

Unidentified daddy-long-leg at Sengkang (left) and Woodlands (right) ©Tan KH

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