Saturday, October 13, 2012


Order Mantodea

Mantises are predatory insects best well-known for their kungfu or praying stance. Mantises are closely related to cockroaches. Large green mantises are not unfamiliar to Singaporeans. The name Giant Asian Mantis is given to a number of species. Hierodula patellifera is one such species. It is recognised by the two white spines on each of the inner arms.

Giant Asian Mantis (Hierodula patellifera) at Sengkang ©Tan KH

Ant mantis (Odontomantis planiceps?) ©Eddy Lee

Mating. NTU ©Eddy Lee

Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Pulau Ubin ©Con Foley. MacRitchie ©Danny Lau

Baby Mantis ©Sylvia Chua. Caught in spider web at Mandai Orchid Garden ©Lau SY


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