Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Orb-web Spiders

Family Araneidae

This is a family in the superfamily Araneoidea. They are called orb-web spiders as they spin the spiral web that we are so familiar with. The family contains species such as St Andrew's Cross Spiders and Spiny Spiders.

Scarlet Acusilas Acusilas coccineus
Flat Anepsion Anepsion depressium
Scorpion Spider Arachnura sp
Araneus anaspastus
Araneus inustus
Kidney Garden Spider Araneus mitificus
Araneus noegeatus
Oval St Andrew's Cross Spider Argiope aemula
Mangrove St Andrew's Cross Spider Argiope mangal
Multi-coloured St Andrew's Cross Spider Argiope versicolor
Caerostris sumatrana
Long-bellied Cyclosa Cyclosa bifida
Cyclosa centrodes
Cyclosa confraga
Island Cyclosa Cyclosa insulana
Cyclosa micula
Cyclosa mulmeinensis
Cyclosa nigra
Cyclosa pellaxoides
Cyrtarachne conica
Beccari's Tent Spider Cyrtophora beccarii
Cyrtophora cicatrosa
Cyrtophora citricola
Cyrtophora cylindroides
Cyrtophora eczematica
Double-tailed Tent Spider Cyrtophora exanthematica
Cyrtophora moluccensis
Red Tent Spider Cyrtophora unicolor
Laglaise's Garden Spider Eriovixia laglaisei
Curved Spiny Spider Gasteracantha arcuata
Gasteracantha diardi
Doria's Spiny Spider Gasteracantha doriae
Hasselt's Spiny Spider Gasteracantha hasseltii
Black-and-white Spiny Spider Gasteracantha kuhlii
Gasteracantha mengei
Gasteracantha picta
Gea spinipes
Gea subarmata
Heurodes porculus
Heurodes turritus
Milonia albula
Milonia obtusa
Neogea egregia
Neogea nocticolor
Neoscona bengalensis
Brown Sailor Spider Neoscona nautica
Neoscona punctigera
Brown-legged Spider Neoscona rufofemorata
Ordgarius sexspinosus
Common Garden Spider Parawixia dehaani
Poltys apiculatus
Tree-stump Spider Poltys illepidus
Singa perpolita
Double-spotted Spiny Spider Thelacantha brevispina
Capped Black-headed Spider Zygiella calyptrata
Zygiella nadleri

Tent Spider (Cyrtophora sp.)

These spiders are so called because they build tent-like webs.

Cyrtophora sp. at Turut Track ©Steven Chong

St Andrew's Cross Spider (Argiope sp.)

These spiders are so called because they form a cross when at rest in their web.

Argiope versicolor at Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Laglaise's Garden Spider (Eriovixia laglaisei)

This is a common garden spider. The female has a much larger pentagonal abdomen compared to the thorax. The male on the other hand has the thorax slightly larger than the pentagonal abdomen.

Male at Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Spiny Spider (Gasteracantha sp.)

Spiny spiders are so called for the spikes on their back. The female Hasselt's Spiny Spider is a distinctive spider with black spots and spikes on a yellow back; a black head; and red/orange legs with black bands.

Gasteracantha sp. ©Eddy Lee

Left: Female at Chestnut Trail. Right: Mating pair with food and opportunistic flies ©Eddy Lee