Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big-jawed Spiders

Family Tetragnathidae

This is a family in the superfamily Araneoidea.

One genus in this family is the Leucauges (Leucauge sp.), which is characterised by an abdomen that protrudes above the head and long front legs. The webs are typically horizontal or angled, hardly vertical. The spider hangs upside down on the web.

  1. Silver Leucauge Leucauge argentina
  2. Leucauge celebesiana
  3. Decorative Leucauge Leucauge decorata
  4. Leucauge fibulata
  5. Mesida gemmea
  6. Opadometa fastigata
  7. Opadometa grata
  8. Tetragnatha chauliodus
  9. Tetragnatha hirashimai
  10. Mangrove Big-jawed Spider Tetragnatha josephi
  11. Common Big-jawed Spider Tetragnatha mandibulata
  12. Tetragnatha maxillosa
  13. Tetragnatha serra
  14. Striated Tylorida Tylorida striata
  15. Big-bellied Tylorida Tylorida ventralis

Decorative Leucauge at Chestnut Area ©Eddy Lee

Common Big-jawed Spider with eggs of the introduced Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata) at Springleaf ©Tan KH

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