Thursday, December 27, 2012

Estuarine Crocodile

Crocodylus porosus

This is the only crocodilian in Singapore. It is also known as the Saltwater Crocodile. It is the largest living reptile in the world. It can be found at Sungei Buloh, Mandai Mudflat, Neo Tiew area, Pasir Ris, Changi and East Coast.

With waders at Mandai Mudflat ©Danny Lau

Baby crocodile at Neo Tiew Crescent ©Lau SY

Sungei Buloh ©Lau SY

2 m long with Common Sandpiper at Sungei Buloh ©Danny Lau

Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

2 m long at Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

1.5 m long at Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

1 m long at Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

0.5 m long at Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

Interaction betweent the famous Tailless (back) and a smaller crocodile at Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

Sungei Buloh ©Tan KH

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