Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Crab Spiders

Superfamily Thomisoidea

Crab Spiders are characterised by their resemblance to a crab, with the front two pairs of legs much larger than the rear two pairs.

Crab Spiders (Family Thomisidae)
Alcimochthes limbatus
Amyciaea forticeps
Ant-like Crab Spider Amyciaea lineatipes
Diamond-bellied Crab Spider Angaeus rhombifer
Boliscus tuberculatus
Litter Crab Spider Borboropactus sp.
Epidius bipunctatus
Lycopus rubropictus
Misumena semicincta
Misumenops dierythrus
Nepenthes Crab Spider Misumenops nepenthicola
Green Crab Spider Oxytate virens
Philodamia hilaris
Philodamia variata
Piatythomisus octomaculatus
Sanmenia kohi
Synema lineatum
Thomisus callidus
Thomisus guangxicus
Stoliczka's Crab Spider Thomisus stoliczka
Tmarus pulchripes

Upper Peirce ©Eddy Lee

Misumenops sp. ©Eddy Lee

Tmarus pulchripes at Alexandra Hospital Butterfly Trail ©Sylvia Chua

Synema sp., most likely S. lineatum, at Rifle Range ©Eddy Lee

Thomisus stoliczka ©Eddy Lee

Thomisus sp. at Chestnut Trail ©Eddy Lee

Thomisus sp ©Eddy Lee

Thomisus sp. Left: Dairy Farm. Right:Rifle Range ©Eddy Lee